13 Vessels Plastic bags, embroidery thread, handmade glues, rice paper and vegetables Indecision in the moment of choice is an inescapable, daily fact. Indifferent convenience or utilitarian benefit? What do you choose? This work comments on the indecision and subsequent results of daily choices in terms of environmental sustainability. I began this series experimenting with plastic bags and ways to reuse them by creating alternative forms with them. In the process of melting and fusing however, I started to question the ultimate benefit of melting the plastic. Through reflection I overcame the indecision of whether the benefit of reuse of plastic bags outweighed the negative of harmful dioxin release. Instead of melting plastic bags, I embraced the idea of reuse in terms of biodegradable materials; fruit and vegetable food scraps and nontoxic adhesives I made. This series displays experimentations in form that these biodegradable materials can and are inclined to take on -- as fine art forms modeling biodegradable material use for future packaging, mass produced containers and vessels. I was inspired by product design, packaging, culinary arts and material reuse.

Experimentations in reuse, biodegradable materials, and form
Fused plastic bagĀ vessels sewn into multi-compartment vessels and cucumber + gelatin glue plate
Carrot + rice paper + wheatpaste, orange rind + rice paper + wheatpaste, and orange pith + rice paper + wheatpaste vessels
Seaweed + gelatin glue vase, zucchini + wheatpaste bowl, zucchini + wheatpaste sheet, and seaweed + gelatin glue bowl vessels
Zucchini + wheatpaste sheet, orange rinds/ pith + wheatpaste + rice paper sheet, carrots + zucchini + gelatin glue + rice paper sheet
Heat fused plastic bagsĀ + red embroidery floss vessel
Cucumber + gelatin glue plate
Carrot + rice paper + wheatpaste bowl
Orange pith + wheatpaste vessel
Zucchini + wheatpaste vessel
Orange + zucchini + rice paper + gelatin glue
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