Implicit, a CAD engineered and repeat pattern collection draws on imagery and content from my late grandmother's life with additional influences from mixed media artist Fred Tomaselli's body of work. Themes in Tomaselli's work concerning perception and the 'bipolar relationship between beauty and pain' shown through changes in depth by various motif sizings inspired the whole of this collection (pieces above such as Untitled (entrance) and Bug Blast). For my prints, I used crystal, porcelain and smoke motifs to hint at seemingly imperceptible conflict and loss. I hope to evoke a feeling of unabashed pride that has been tempered and made sensible through experiences and reality. Underneath that feeling, I wish to display the quiet undertones of a generation when the improper and expected roles were not to be spoken of.

Implicit: capable of being understood from something else though unexpressed
motifs: ash, clear latex paint in plastic bags 
motifs: smoke drawings
motifs: ash, clear latex paint, bubble wrap and charred cardboard, clear latex paint on clear plastic
Tablecloth engineered print
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